Nobody Talks About

The real cause of Prostate Disease?

You have probably been told hormones have something to do with it. In most cases the Doctor either doesn't know or won't tell you because the Medical industry refuses to use low cost non-invasive treatment methods.

Surgery does not have to be an option. Cancer does not have to be a concern.  Your PSA score is not the final indication. Almost any stage of prostate disease can be treated.

What is prostate disease ?

There has to be a beginning so the first stage is irritation which may or may not be noticeable.  The second stage is inflammation which becomes very noticeable and painful. Inflammation causes swelling and that causes pain.  Inflammation leads to cell mutation and that becomes Cancer.

All the time this is happening the thing that brought on this problem continues to exist and that is the irritation.

 Doctors refuse to consider the source.

The source is the same as Kidney, Gallbladder and Heart Disease.


Calcium buildup in the prostate is like little grains of sand rubbing and irritating the cells which causes irritation then inflammation and finally Cancer. Excess Hormones and toxic chemicals like chlorine in the shower or bath water accelerate the cell mutations.

 Dissolve the Calcium and Kill the Tumor Cells.

 Customer  Comment

Fred S. Welland Canada.

My Dr. said there was no more he could offer and it was only a matter of weeks. I could barely move or get around with a walker, the pain was constant. Dr. Pinch provided Salvestrin and said it has been effective in destroying tumor cells. in addition he gave me Cardioprim to dissolve the calcium.  Within days the pain was noticeably reduced and in a little more than a week I could do knee bends and also touch my toes.

A complete cleaning with Salvestrin and Angioprim could not only clean but shrink and improve blood flow to the prostate.  There is hope and unlike your Doctor we guarantee the results, if your not satisfied you get a full refund.